WAFAC and SANAD conducted an advocacy workshop for mothers of disabled children
In the honor of Women's International Day and the World Day of children with Down Syndrome, Women and Family Affairs Center and Sanad Society for people with disabilities and in partnership with ASWAT Society have implemented an advocacy workshop titled "highlighting the suffering of disabled women mothers of disabled persons" within the initiative "Strengthening social integration of persons with disabilities in our Palestinian society," with the participation of nearly 40 people from the community.
UN Humanitarian Coordinator visits Palestinian community of Khirbet Tana and warns of risk of forcible transfer
Jerusalem, 28 March 2016: The UN Coordinator for Humanitarian and Development Activities for the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), Robert Piper, visited the Palestinian community of Khirbet Tana in the occupied West Bank today.
WAFAC and SANAD ended empowerment trainings for PWDs
Nablus - With the participation of 38 disabled women and mothers of disabled persons and volunteers from the local community, Women and Family Affairs Center (WAFAC) and Sanad Society for PWDs (SANAD) achieved the first phase activities of the initiative entitled "Strengthen the Social Integration of PWDs in our Palestinian Society", which aims to contribute to the psychosocial and economic empowerment of PWDs. The first phase of the initiative focused on 17 mothers of children with disability and volunteers, who participated in a training on how to deal with autistic children, through ice breaking exercises and debriefing activities, an introduction to autism (definition, causes, symptoms), displaying methods of formal and informal assessment, identifying the objective of cases assessment, training on the basics of clinical assessment, regressive developmental disorders, forms of autism spectrum disorder, adaptive behavior and how to train the child on social interaction skills. From our belief in the importance of roles integration, the second phase of the initiative focused on training 21 disabled women and mothers of disabled persons, who had previously participated in vocational training in wool knitting and needle within a project with ASWAT Society. The training tackled topics on self-esteem, communication skills, microfinance project cycle management and the art of marketing. In addition, the training covered the basic process of marketing components, identifying marketing problems and solutions, marketing messages, determining appropriate product's price, innovative approach to promote the project, the project's capital and other related topics. Based on women needs, Dr. Nisreen Barakat was hosted for two days, to talk about reproductive health in general and the health of women with disabilities and addressing the subject of hysterectomy among women with disabilities and without disabilities. At the end of the trainings, participants recommended to conduct more meetings to improve mothers' capacity in dealing with their children, organizing an entertainment trip or activity for mothers and their children to strengthen their relationship, printing awareness leaflets tackling the training topics. In addition, holding more training in the field of marketing, because number of women has their own micro-project, but they do not possess adequate skills to market their products, due to the strong market competition. SANAD's manager thanked and expressed her appreciation and happiness in the remarkable evolution of mothers enrolled in the training. Through her observation, she noticed an improvement in how mothers of disabled children treat each other on a daily basis and how they started to share their experiences on the status of their children. She also emphasized the importance of mothers' commitment to such activities, whether in SANAD or similar centers, so that those mothers can be like a special examples; as they are mothers of special children and have to accept them no matter what are the responses from the surrounding which consequently will be reflected positively on their children. Also, she stressed on the keenness of SANAD on communicating with moms through organizing awareness campaigns, whether by arranging a series of trainings or by organizing workshops in the field of learning difficulties and occupational therapy, based on mothers' needs. In conclusion, we would like to mention that this initiative came as a supportive tool for strengthening the relationship between mothers of children with disabilities and between CBOs and DPOs to work for the benefit of PWDs through real partnerships in projects and activities and the exchange of experiences and cooperation in the planning, implementation and follow-up and as a means of psychosocial support for mothers of children with disabilities in order to strengthen them to rely on themselves and develop their coping skills with the surrounding environment and the exchange of experiences and suffering with other mothers and to overcome introversion and isolation imposed by the community, all in partnership between WAFAC and SANAD and financed by the EducAid.
Promoting Socioeconomic Development of the most vulnerable Palestinian young people
The Launching Of an Initiative That Supports PWDs in Nablus
Nablus - Women and Family Affairs Center (WAFAC) in partnership with SANAD Association for People with Special Needs, in Nablus city, are launching the implementation activities of the initiative entitled "Strengthening the Social Integration of PWDs in our Palestinian Society", funded by the EducAid. The initiative aims at contributing to the psycho-social and economic empowerment of mothers of PWDs through highlighting their suffering and to facilitate their involvement and integration into society and to mainstream disability issues in public life. It is worth mentioning that the initiative will be implemented over four months and focuses on mothers of children with disabilities, specifically autism problems to raise their awareness about the importance of early screening and conduct rapid intervention, integrate them in appropriate program and to provide them with mechanisms and tools that enable them to deal with their children and provide them with life skills, vocational counseling and basic project management skills that fits their abilities so they can with their mothers manage a micro project whenever its possible. It must be pointed out that this initiative comes as part of "Empowerment of DPOs Promoting WWDs Rights in the West Bank" project, which is based on a true partnership between CSOs and DPOs.
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Launching an educational project supportive for students with special needs in South Nablus schools
Under the banner of the education is a right for all, WAFAC starts the implementation of a project activities that aims to support students with special needs in the educational process in cooperation with the Directorate of south Nablus, funded by the United Nations Human Rights / Office of the High Commissioner and UNDP which will continue until February 2013.
Women And Family Affairs Center concludes the TVET Awareness and Advocacy Campaign "Our children: Our Hope and Our Pain"
In the occasion of the International Women’s Day, WAFAC has celebrated the ending of the awareness and advocacy campaign events "Our Children: Our Hope and Our Pain" in TVET sector, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nablus and with partner institutions and funded by the BTC Agency. The ceremony was held in Asira Al Queblia village of Nablus District and attended by a crowd of women and female students who participated in the awareness campaign and by representatives of partner institutions. The ceremony included a set of words in which Sumaya Safadi, WAFAC manager, spoke about International Women's Day, and the achievements of the TVET awareness and advocacy campaign. From his side, spoke Nedal Khouri, the representative of the Belgian Project, about the importance of education and vocational training in Palestine and about projects supported by the BTC. Also, Maha Ahmed, the representative of Mother School Society and on behalf of the partner institutions, spoke about the importance of joint work and joint efforts between institutions, also a female student spoke about her participation experience in the TVET awareness seminars and how her colleagues and she have benefited from the project. The ceremony started with the National Anthem, a minute of silence for the martyrs’ souls and some artistic presentation such as songs and free poems; tackling prisoners issues and Palestinian heritage, in addition to the Dabke band, while 3 women spoke about their professional experiences in different projects. At the end of the ceremony, sweets and roses were distributed on women’s honor and on the occasion of their celebration of International Women’s Day.