Unlawful Killing: The Assassination of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories by the Israeli Occupying Forces
Fragile Childhood: An Analysis of Human Rights Violations against Palestinian Children in 2003
Local to Global: Palestinian Youth Issues and Concerns
This research paper aims at exploring the vision and views of the Palestinian youth and youth organizations about the most important problems and concerns of the Palestinian youth, their needs, and the obstacles that stand in their way of achieving their dreams. In addition, the research seeks to identify the most important concepts that the Palestinian youth think of analyzing the issues, concerns, activities, and work of their local youth organizations and their relationships with international organizations.
A Critical Review of the Proposed Palestinian Public Debt Law
The study introduces the different types of public debt, setting them in an international context and reviewing the causes of problems associated with them. It then reviews the growth of the Palestinian public debt during the years of Intifada, examining its causes, nature, and implications for the future. It examines the possible risks (such as market risk, liquidity risk, settlement risk, and operational risk) and presents the indicators of external vulnerability.
What is Conflict and Conflict Transformation?
Conflict is a natural part of human life. It exists in all relationships, groups, culture, and every level of social structure. Although conflict is often uncomfortable and energy-consuming, it can be a positive force for change and bring an otherwise stagnant organization or relationship our of dormancy and into new life and vitality. Conflict is a challenge to people at both an individual and group level and can cause growth. It can also be destructive if it is not faced and dealt with in a constructive manner. It can lead to violence or even war.
Tawoon for Conflict Resolution: Profile & strategy plan 2008-2010
Taawon was established in 2002, and this is when it started to launch its activities. Taawon’s main activities aim to raise the awareness of young people on effective and peaceful ways to deal with conflict and to develop understanding, respect, and the ability to cooperate with others in a multicultural world. Taawon targets youth in Palestine covering the West Bank and Gaza. Taawon imparts ethical, moral, and philosophical insights into the process of creating peaceful social change.
Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute: Annual Report 2005
This Annual Report records the achievements of the Palestine Economic Policy ResearchInstitute - MAS in 2005. During this year we began implementing our strategic plan for2005-2007, whichwas developed in 2004 based on a survey of policy-makers’ main priorities. MAS?s approachis strongly participatory, and policy-makers in ministries and elsewhere arecontinuously consulted and involved in setting the research agenda.
Improving the Representation and Status of Women in Senior Public Sector Jobs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
The Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS), at the instigation of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, has conducted a study on women in high-ranking positions in the public sector in Palestine. The objectives of the study were to examine the status of women in senior positions in government institutions and discover whether there was any discrimination against them in any aspect of employment, including hiring, performance evaluation, promotion and remuneration.
Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Palestinian Women: Reality, Prospects and Opportunities
The key objective of the study is to explore the reality of female TVET in Palestine by focusing on the supply and demand of institutions and specializations for women. In addition, it aims to find ways to activate the role of TVET in reinforcing female opportunities and their position in the labor force and the economy as a whole.
Critical Review of the Proposed Palestinian Electronic Commerce and Signatures Law
This study critically reviews two draft laws prepared by the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), namely the Electronic Transactions (ECommerce) Law and the Electronic Authentications (E-Signatures) Law. It also provides recommendations to improve the draft laws and create a favorable legal environment to facilitate e-commerce in Palestine. The paper first defines the various aspects of electronic commerce, highlighting its importance and advantages.