WAFAC’s participation in Return Festival

WAFAC’s participation in Return Festival

WAFAC participated in the Return Festival to revive the 66th memory of the Nakba (under the banner of “the young will remember) in Burqa’s National Park / Masoudieh within the political empowerment of women project in cooperation with the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy (PCPD) and financed by the Swedish Foundation KTK.

The initiative’s idea came from the importance of reviving the Nakba for Palestinian people in order to emphasize the right of return and to consolidate it into children and young generations.  It is also an affirmation for the importance of working together to bring about this right, which aims to send a message to the occupier that the younger generations will not forget and that we are able to protect the land and heritage from loss or confiscation.

WAFAC’s participants, children, women and youth have carried different banners that stresses on return right and on the importance of prisoners release, and others that remind of martyrs’ blood.



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