WAFAC and SANAD conducted an advocacy workshop for mothers of disabled children

Randa Qadri, a social worker, has focused in the workshop on disability from gender perspective and society's perception towards disabled person, discrimination between males and females with disabilities in terms of education, marriage, violence directed against them and in particular, against females of them when talking about hysterectomy, especially for mental disabled and Down syndrome.

Furthermore, Qadri spoke about the crucial role of mothers and families of disabled persons in term of protection and care, especially female of them and the importance of training them and giving them attention to alleviate their suffering, especially for females of them, and she pointed on the importance of working together to change negative attitudes and stigma towards PWDs by raising the slogan "if you were at her or his place…".

Among important participants recommendations is the importance of the formation of supportive committees composed of mothers of PWDs who offer support to each other, by being present at a specific time during the week in the premises of partner institutions, so mothers can resort to them and take advantage of their experience and to provide psychological support to them.  In addition, participants have asked to hold number of such important advocacy meetings for all segments of the society in the topics of disability and the suffering of people with disabilities.

At the end of the workshop, certificates were distributed to the participants of the initiative training courses related to communication skills, self-esteem, micro-finance project management and mechanisms how to deal with children with autism disorder, in the presence of partner institutions representatives and representatives of the EducAid.


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