Workshop on Human Security in NGOs' Work

Sumaya Safadi, WAFAC manager, welcomed attendees indicating the importance of networking and cooperation in the implementation of this project because of its great importance.

Thaer Hanaysheh, one of the PCPD's supporters and project's member spoke about the project concept which focuses mainly on strengthening the security of young people and women in particular, renouncing violence, promoting young women's leadership and enhancing women's security in Libya and Palestine, based on gender perspective.  The project is in partnership between Dutch, Lybian and Palestinian NGOs.

He added that to ensure the effectiveness of this project, it is important to identify community's needs and what are its sources of concern and worry regarding human security and violations identified from community's members themselves, which made the PCPD resorting to this kind of method in gathering information through interviews with members of the community in order to ensure best practice of credibility, knowing that all of these interviews will be kept confidential and only for the purposes of the project and to determine the priorities of concern and worries in the community and no information or names will be disclosed.

The workshop's participants were from Police representatives, HR and women's organizations and media.

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