Call for Proposals "Protecting Vulnerable Women in Gaza"

Agency name
UN Women Palestine Office

UN Women Palestine Office is launching a new call for proposals for interested non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and registered community-based organisations under the UN Women project “Protection, Response and Preparedness to Address Needs of Displaced and Vulnerable Women in Gaza.” 

The project aims to assist and mobilize women who are most vulnerable in Gaza through improving their accessibility to multi-sectoral services, protection and economic support. This will address their most urgent humanitarian needs and support their coping mechanisms.

This is articulated around the following outcomes:

Outcome 1: Displaced and vulnerable women (women and girls with disabilities, elderly women and women survivors of violence) have improved access to economic opportunities and gender responsive humanitarian services in Gaza

Outcome 2. Strengthened gender focus in humanitarian action in Palestine

Interested organizations are invited to submit their full proposal by Sun 18 March 2018 to [email protected].

The application package with all relevant information, guidelines and documents can be accessed here.

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UN Women Palestine Office
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