Fares Al Arab Signs the C4W Contracts of the Graduates within Gaza Emergency Project- Cash for Work Component

A delegation from the NDC has participated the signature ceremony represented by NDC Gaza office director Mr. Ala’ Ghalaeeny and the program’s manager Mr. Monther Abdulhadi. Whereas Mr. Anwar Ahmad has participated representing the MoEHE from the Educational Guidance Department.

Fares Al Arab Chairman, Mr. Tarek Al Banna welcomes the guests and the graduates expressing his wishes they get benefits from this work opportunity and to add more experiences to their career record. He confirms this project is matching the needs of youth during the current severe life situations they go through in the Gaza Strip.

From his side, Mr Alaa AL Ghalaeeni , NDC Gaza office director, has congratulates  the graduates for access this job opportunity from Fares Al Arab association within Gaza Project which will last for 6 months in its first phase. He emphasized this opportunity is very important to get the knowledge and experiences throughout including a total of 141 male and female graduates in the Palestinian Authority schools of MoEHE.

AL Ghalaeeni confirms in his speech that the available work opportunities in the project in not an unemployment opportunity, however; it aims to improve the psychological health and educational values and attitudes of 38803 students to contribute effectively to provide a safe educational environment in 141 schools in Gaza.

He mentioned that Fares Al Arab project is one out of 23 other projects are implementing currently in the Gaza Strip within “Gaza Emergency Project- Cash for Work Component” that aims to employ more than 4800 male and female graduates in many various specializations mainly, health and education. In his concluding speech, Al Ghalaeeni thanked AL Banns for his organization efforts in this project wishing them more progress and success.
The Ceremony included a presentation of the project about the tasks and duties of the educational counselor in the targeted schools provided by the manager of guidance department in the MoEHE MR. Anwar Ahmad. Other presentation was provided by the project’s manager at FAFD Mss. Doa’ Ellouh about the projects activities’ management and monitoring & evaluation mechanism. 





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