Women journalists legal empowerment workshop in Gaza

The lawyer and trainer Fatima Ashour said that Palestinian Female journalists must know and demand their rights and also they should reject the violations that they might face in the media field, and realize the most important laws, legislation and international conventions on women's rights.
She empathized on the importance of the training and empowering Palestinian women journalists in the Palestinian Basic Law, the Press and Publications Law, the Personal Status Law and the Penal Code, as well as highlighting international standards on women and freedom of expression, as Palestine joined and many international conventions that guarantee these rights. The workshop reviewed aspectso of personal female journalist’s experiences in the field and the nature of violations that they face.
 The journalist Safa al-Hassanat, who participated in the training, said that this type of training would create a fertile legal environment for women journalists, and contribute in raising their awareness of legal legislations and international covenants that impact the work of journalists and raising their ability to form a lobbying force capable of making changes to laws that might hinder their journalistic work and overcome social challenges, as well as enhancing their ability to assume leadership positions within the union framework.
Journalist Wissam Al-Ghalban confirmed that media is a platform used to redress Palestinian women and defend theirrights, and change the stereotype of them through their work by making media reports, radio and television programs to support them.
The participants confirmed the importance of such training, especially on raising legal awareness and introducing the legislative system governing media work and women's rights, and the need to keep organizing further training in the future to strengthen and build the capacity of women journalists in Palestine.
This training comes as part of a series of training workshops Organized by MADA in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in the framework of a project in cooperation with the Finnish Representative Office in Ramallah, which aims to raise legal Right awareness among Palestinian women journalists, especially that they face double violations.

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