UN Women: Call for Proposal For Implementing Partners (For Civil Society Organizations)

Agency name
UN Women Palestine Country Office

In line with the Palestinian Government’s commitment to achieve gender equality and combat Violence Against Women (VAW), and in full partnership with the Justice, Security and Social Sectors, UN Women within its joint programme with UNDP and UNICEF- “ Reinforcing equal access to justice for all Palestinians - SAWASYA III” is supporting civil society organizations to advocate for gender responsive policies, laws and services, and to provide women survivors of violence and in conflict with the law with legal aid and psychosocial support. In addition to that, UN Women is supporting the Justice, Security  and Social institutions to mainstream gender into their plans,  procedures and policies, and develop and provide gender responsive services to women victims and survivors of violence.

Interested CSOs can access the call using the below link; noting that the submission deadline is on Wednesday 1 May 2024, at 14:00 PM.  




Contact Information
UN Women Palestine Country Office
Submission deadline

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