The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre inaugurates its newly renovated department at its Inclusive School in Jerusalem

An exciting inauguration event was conducted at the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre, uniting partners and supporters in celebration of a significant milestone. The event marked the inauguration of a new department at the Jerusalem Princess Basma Inclusive School, within the project ‘Action for East Jerusalem’s Identity and Resilience (AJIR)’, a project that embodies progress and inclusivity. This remarkable effort was made possible through the generous funding provided by Agence Française de Développement (AFD), with the valuable administrative support of the NGO Development Center (NDC).

Archbishop Hosam Naoum graciously extended his gratitude to all the collaborators and individuals responsible for this remarkable achievement. He emphasized the crucial interdependence between Jerusalem's institutions, working together in harmony to provide vital services to those most in need. He emphasized that this endeavor is at the core of the Church's mission in Jerusalem, as its tireless commitment revolves around providing high quality healthcare and educational services to the marginalized. This philosophy is very much in line with the guiding principles of The Basma Centre. The journey of shared commitment will continue, as we join efforts  with our partners to ensure the uninterrupted provision of these essential services to our beneficiaries.

The Deputy Director of AFD, Mr. Philippe Maurel, praised the Basma Centre’s work, saying, “The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre plays an important role in building a strong Palestinian Civil society. He added, “The achievements of the Princess Basma Inclusive School provides a major contribution to education. The school’s model is highly inspiring, while JPBC is a key element to the Palestinian health sector.”


NGO Development Centre, General Director, Mr. Ghassan Kassabreh emphasized their commitment to empowerment and development, stating, "As we gather today to celebrate the renovation of key learning zones at the Jerusalem Princess Basma Inclusive School, we are not just witnessing a physical transformation, we are witnessing the example of Palestinian-French partnership, resilience in the face of challenges, and a commitment to uphold the dignity and identity of Jerusalemites. This achievement, born of collaboration and dedication, is a testament to the power of unity in shaping a future where education and inclusion pave the way for opportunity and hope."


JPBC General Director, Mrs. Violette Mubarak, said, “This project has transformed our Inclusive School, enhancing safety and well-being., Equipped with necessary furniture, these spaces reflect our gratitude for partnership in providing hope and opportunities for the vulnerable, whereas, she focused on the importance of resilience of the organizations especially in Jerusalem.


Trophies were awarded to JPBC partners and supporters for their great efforts in the implementation of this great project, which will enable the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre to extend its high quality services for its students with disabilities. 

It is worth noting that the Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre operates a Child Rehabilitation Centre and an Inclusive School, in which it provides specialized Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Inclusive Education for Palestinian children with disabilities.




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